Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Transfer day - We did it!!!!!!!!!

Wow, words can't even express the feelings I have wrapped around my heart right now. Honestly, today could not have gone any better!! After dropping off Brax, sitting through an hour of lecture.. I met Rudy at my mother-in-law's around 10:15am. She was boasting with excitement about what was to come later in the day (as were we). Rudy and I hopped in the truck & drove over to Randy's mom's (2 blocks away!) and we picked up Randy & Amanda and off we were to the big "D"!

When we arrived in Dallas we had about 1 hour to spare, so we grabbed a quick bite at "In & Out Burger"! Rudy & I had never been there before and I must admit, it was really good!! Then we headed on over to the hospital and we had "Rockstar" parking as Amanda would say, lol..
I insisted that we take some pictures in the beautiful lobby and one by-stander was so nice to take this group shot of all of us!

After an employee told us we were "taking magnificent photos, but we would have to stop because of patient protection", lol.. We headed up to the 6th floor of the hospital and waited for a short while and then Randy & Amanda went back and she gowned up.. Look how cute they are!

a few minutes later we walked back and then the embryologist informed us that our 2 frozen embryos (in straw #1) were looking great.. expanding and looking well!

 A few minutes later they wheeled Amanda back with Randy to get her prepared for the transfer. After about 15 minutes Rudy & I went back and saw our beautiful little embryos snuggle in with Amanda and hopefully make a home for the next 8 months!!! It was so surreal.. I think I had chills the entire time.. I'll post the video soon! It went seamlessly with no problems at all! The next 30 minutes were the hardest part.. Amanda had a full bladder and she had to lay flat for half an hour before getting up to go.. Amanda had saved the "Friends" episode where Phoebe is a surrogate for her brother on her iPad. So we listened to it and took pictures to occupy the time and help the minutes pass for Amanda until she could finally get up and run to the restroom!

 Plenty of time to take pictures & absorb the reality of what was happening.. a miracle..

So after 30 min. of laying still, Amanda got up and carefully walked to the restroom.. when she came out we took this picture below with our amazing Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Saleh..

On our way out we talked to a few employees at SIRM including Heather who helped Amanda with her new schedule. She'll continue to take estrogen twice a week, suppository, Progesterone injections every night until heartbeat (ouch, poor thing!) and no picking up anything heavier than 10 lbs until heartbeat. We walked out of the hospital and Rudy & Randy went to get the truck while Amanda & I sat on the bench discussing when we should take the first pregnancy test (how exciting!!). We decided to start really early just for fun, so next Sunday evening we'll all get together and she'll take the first test at 3.5dp5dt.

On our way back home we were all on cloud 9! I think we all had a permanent smile on our face and enjoyed reminiscing about our amazing day!

When we arrived in Waco, Randy's mom Janie & Mike had us all over for chicken fried steak!! It was oh so good and so sweet of them to do for all of us!! All the kids had fun playing together.. Amanda & Randy even had a sweet bday card for Rudy since today is his birthday!! Oh, and you have to check out this sweet pic of Amanda & Brax! What do you think about the shirt we got her, lol!!

After we left Mike & Janie's, my mom had us a bday cake for Rudy & a transfer day cake!! What a surprise..

I honestly couldn't have dreamed of a better transfer day! Today was so amazing and I'm just thanking God every moment for sending us Randy & Amanda to go through this journey with!! Amanda, you are our angel and you are such an amazing woman and friend.. I love you!!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers.. we need all we can get right now.. this is the hardest part.. the wait!!! Here we go...


Andrea said...

Awesome post!!
I can't wait to read about your BFP!!! <3

Randy and Amanda said...

Wow! You summed it up very well Kristen. Everything went perfectly! It was almost too easy!