Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pregnant or not pregnant.. that IS the question!

Ok, so it started Sunday, October 23rd.. We decided to start REALLY early on the HPTs... We couldn't wait until Monday as previously planned, even though we knew this was really early to be testing, but we did it anyway all in fun.. So Sunday morning Amanda saved her urine in a cup at 3.5dp5dt (3.5 days past a 5 day transfer..) and then Rudy & I went over their house that night where Amanda took 2 pregnancy tests.. One tested the morning urine and one from the evening... She left them in the bathroom, turned off the lights, then a few minutes later Randy, Amanda, Rudy & I cautiously walked in, not really expecting to see anything.. but knowing if you can even see the faintest line, it's a great sign.. and here's what happened...

After comparing the 3.5 day to the 4 day, we could definitely see a difference. The 3.5 day test did not showa second line at all, but the 4 day had a faint line that you could definitely see. So after about 20 minutes of staring at the tests, lol, the guys were saying what if that one test was a fluke.. or what if the line was already there and we hadn't noticed before, So, that's all it took.. Amanda was going to take another test to confirm if our eyes were just playing tricks on us.. but first, the guys had to examine the test & make sure that there was absolutely no line showing prior to her taking the test:

So after the guys agreed there were NO lines Amanda was off to take the final 4 day (4dp5dt) First Response test.

What an unbelievable night!! This only left us more excited for the next night, hoping to see a darker line. So Rudy, Braxton & I went back over Randy & Amanda's the following night (Monday). After dinner Amanda had glow bracelets & necklaces for the kids to play with while we tested our day 5 test:


So while the kids played, Amanda went back to take another test so we could see if the line was any darker than the previous day. It was a different test than she had taken the previous night, and we were a little disappointed the line wasn't any darker.. :( So, the guys suggested she take a digital, just for fun to see if it showed positive. Amanda was definitely hesitant at first, she was afraid we'd all be disappointed if it said "Not Pregnant".. but we all assured her we wouldn't be disappointed and I think we all subconsciously knew that it was way too early for a digital positive (which has to have at least 40-50 HCG level) to show "Pregnant".. So here's the video of what happened.. You can see at the beginning that we were all thinking it wasn't going to be a good result since it is only 5 days past & probably way to early for a digi positive.. so here's what happened:


Was that not amazing or what??????? WOW!!! We're pregnant!!!!!! This was such a magical moment that I'll never forget! I just can't stop watching this video and reliving this moment. We just feel so blessed right now. Thank you Lord for blessing us and answering our prayers!!

Here are some of our HPT pictures!!

This was Monday's.. 5dp5dt!!

This is today's (Wednesday, 7dp5dt)

The first beta test is this Friday!! 9dp5dt!! We'll update you soon on the results!!

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers!!! We are just over the moon excited right now!!


Jesse said...

Ah! I screamed with you guys on the reveal of the digital! So cool!!!


Babydreams2011 said...

CONGRATS!!! I love the video!! I am so happy for y'all!

Krystal said...

Aaaahhh!!! I ♥ the videos!! Congrats!! Can't wait to hear about the beta!

Kristen said...

Thanks everyone!!!! We are SO excited!!! First beta looked great!

Randy and Amanda said...

I can't stop watching the videos! Especially the one where we get a digital positive. Wow, good times! A celebration is in order!