Friday, October 21, 2011

This and That...Oh yeah and THE TRANSFER!!!!

"Their peas are in my pod!"

Progesterone, you are no friend of mine!  Six days before transfer I started daily doses of the dreaded progesterone.  We are not talking about small doses here, we are talking 2cc EVERY SINGLE DAY!  My bum is so very sore, red, irritated and bruised! One might think that the big fat 1 1/2 inch needle would be the painful part.  That needle may look scary but it's not the actual stick from the needle or the injecting of the medication that bothers me, it's the soreness that occurs deep in my muscle the next day.  Some days the soreness is not so bad, more like I just had a great workout (wishful thinking).  Other days, I feel as though I was SHOT (no pun intended) in the butt  and its so painful that I walk funny all day long.   I am allowed to whine a bit, right?  I am slowly learning that if I break the injections in half this helps tremendously with the pain.  Heather, our nurse from SIRM, suggested injecting 1cc in one side and 1 cc in the other side.  Even though, yes it is 2 separate sticks, this will most definitely relieve soreness and pain.  Deep massaging and applying heat around the injection site have also helped with relief. I will be continuing the progesterone until we see the heartbeat of a little peanut or a negative pregnancy is discovered.  
As you may have already read earlier in our blog, we had dinner over at Kristen & Rudy's Monday night.  It was a chance for us all to fellowship and celebrate together before the transfer.  We had the opportunity to meet and visit with Jerry and Carolyn, who are Kristen's Mom and Step-Dad.  After our delicious fajita dinner, we visited a bit more before Kristen and Rudy presented me with the a basket full of goodies!  The  most important gifts in the basket, that were sticking out like a sore thumb, of course were the 2 boxes of pregnancy tests.  Awww...thanks you guys, what I always wanted!  Also included in the basket were lots of Bath & Body works aromatherapy relaxation kits, bath salts, personalized coffee/drink cup, jewelry that is symbolic to our journey, and my very favorite part of the whole basket was the "Putting their peas in my Pod" T-shirt!  Love, love that!   
 Although Kristen already blogged about Transfer day,  I also wanted to write a little bit about that day.  The day went just as planned!  No hiccups!  The number one question that is just so natural for people to ask is "Are you nervous or are you getting nervous?" My answer which was surprising to some was, "No".   My heart has been at peace since we started our journey and continued even throughout the transfer.  God has a plan, one which I have in trusted full faith in!  
Please continue praying that God's will is served during this chapter in all of our lives.  What most of you may not realize is that there is only a 50% chance that I will even become pregnant.  You would think it would be a given when they put two healthy embryos into a snug healthy uterus that surely a pregnancy would result.  However, that is not the case.  Next Friday, October 28 is when I am scheduled for my first blood work to be drawn.  Hopefully the levels will determine if we are pregnant or not.  Think positive!
Since the transfer I have been a complete bum and couch potato.  Transfer Protocol requires 24 hours bed rest!  Randy has been taking good care of me; I couldn't ask for a better hubby to support me throughout this process.  Stay tuned for updates...

Brady is quite the photographer as he captures Braxton in front of the skeleton 

My Kristen & Rudy! 

Hopefully this time next year there will be more lil' ones!

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