Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hospital Photos Continued..

More pictures from the hospital:

Very Proud Daddy & Brother!
 This was the most amazing feeling! Holding both of my two beautiful daughters.. what a dream come true!!!!!
Daddy gazing at our beautiful angels
Keeping record of not one, but two babies diaper changes & feedings! lol

Proud MiMi & Grandad meeting Presley & Fallon!
 Proud Grandma!
First bottle!!
Braxton was SO excited to meet his baby sisters!!
 Aunt Gracie & Grandma.. and Brother Brax
Just a few hours after getting to know the girls, the hospital photographer came in and took these amazing photos in our room:

We are so thankful for having such a supportive family & all of our amazing friends who came to visit us, Amanda and the girls.. I didn't get pictures of everyone, but here are some of the ones I did get a chance to snap:

Aunt Diane & Brenda came to meet the girls!

My amazing best friends Wendy & Sarah came to meet the little miracles
 Sarah & I holding the girls!

 Love this of Sarah & Fallon!
 Wendy. proud auntie to the girls!
Randy brought Bailey & Brady in to meet the girls.. she could finally meet the babies that have been in her mommy's tummy! :)
Lauren finally got to meet the girls she's been helping us peep in on the whole pregnancy! She knew we were having girls before we did.. she was right!

 Love these 2 like my own sisters..BFF so close we call each other aunts to our kiddos, they were so excited to meet their nieces!!!
 Aunt Darlene holding Presley.. Her & Uncle Terry came to meet the girls!

The girls Great-Grandma - MeeMaw Pietzsch!
Here she is holding Presley...
 MeeMaw holding Fallon
 Proud grandmother, Colette holding Presley!
 Proud Paw Paw holding Fallon
 So sweet.. Paw Paw giving Presley kisses!
Rudy, my dad, Colette & Mee Maw admiring the how beautiful these little miracles are!

Changing their tiny little diapers!!
Just beautiful..
The girls' Aunt Dolores, Uncle Roger & cousins Beja & Brady
 Rose holding the girls!
 The girls' Aunt Carolyn & cousin Rayne admiring the girls
 The girls' cousin Audrey holding Presley
The girls' uncle Jimmy & Aunt Sherri 

With our ANGEL - AMANDA!
This journey.. success!!! Amazing, just amazing journey.. thanks to these 2 amazing people!

Precious picture of Amanda & Randy admiring the miracles! Amazing!
 So sweet
 Randy holding Presley
 The guys holding the girls :)
 Presley's big yawn!
 Brady loving on the girls

Miss Fallon
Dr. Ferguson
MiMi & Grandad
Amanda loving on Fallon
Randy holding Fallon
So tiny! Her onsie is a preemie ;)
Cousins Charity & Audrey
Their Aunt Diane
Braxton holding his sister's hand
Cousin Cristal holding both the girls
Uncle Clark holding Presley!
Cristal & Aunt Tammy loving on the girls!!
Have you ever seen babies smile so early?? This is still in the hospital! What little angels.. 
Beautiful girls!!

Amanda's AMAZING mom Janie holding Presley.. She was SO excited throughout this journey. She was so supportive of Amanda, helping her around the house and with the kids during her pregnancy, she even drove to their house at 2am and watched their kids when Amanda went into labor.. Her step-mom, Sue, stayed the entire week when Amanda went back home to help her with her recovery! I'm so thankful for Amanda's amazing support system. We are forever grateful to them.. Her & Randy have a truly outstanding family.. So blessed.. 
Proud daddy!

After 2 nights in the hospital.. time to go home sweet home.. June 10, 2012.. 

 Amanda holding Fallon's tiny feet!
 MiMi & Grandad
 Fallon strapped & ready to go!

Presley ready too!
On the way out of our room all of the nurses at the station had to stop & tell the girls goodbye.. they insisted we go back to visit them all someday, and we will.. we were so blessed to have an exceptional team that took care of the girls & Amanda.. they were all as mesmerized by this amazing journey as we all are.. Our dreams came true.. we received the best gift in the world, the gift of life.. our two beautiful miracles, Presley Jayde & Fallon Celeste, as well as amazing friends who are part of our family for life.. Looking forward to what's to come..

I'd like to end this post with one of my favorite quotes of Amanda's that she shared on this blog at the beginning of our journey.. I loved it so much I had a shirt made for her with this quote... Thank you Amanda for sailing away and following your dreams.. and making ours come true.. we are forever grateful..