Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank You!

Our news has been well received!  Thank you to everyone first and foremost for your prayers and also for all of your encouraging, kind words.  I want to share with you all a few of the emails I have received in the last week or so...

I have to tell you that I think that is the most wonderful, loving and amazing thing a couple could do for another couple. –Dusty Young

Amazing, Amanda!  You have such such a servant's heart.  You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.       -Janessa Wilkins

Wow! What a blessing that will be!  That would be awesome to have a baby for someone else who desparately wants a child.  May God bless your journey! –Darlene Scheler

Wow, Amanda! I am excited to hear how God has been working in your life and how you are being obedient to His call. –Jennifer Carpenter

I wanted to wish you the best on your journey through this experience. Also will be praying for an easy pregnancy for you. I have much respect for you setting out on this amazing adventure. –Natalie Pollock

What an amazing gift you are giving to your sweet friends! You have been and will continue to be in my prayers.  -April Schafer
We are happy for all of you.  That is such a wonderful endeavor.  We certainly hope things go well for each of you.  -Bettye Holland

Wow, that's awesome Amanda!  We will be praying for you guys as you go through this journey in your life. –Matt Thomas

WOW what a journey! Congratulations. –Betty Dupree

What a beautiful gift you are giving to your friends and their baby, or babies! Brent and I think you and Randy are some of the kindest, most genuine people we've ever met, and we will be praying right alongside you as you embark on this journey. Your willingness to heed God's call and bless someone in this way is inspirational! We wish all four of you nothing but the best! Thank you for sharing your special story! -Tiffany McFarling

My heart is happy, filled with warmth and love.  Thank you.