Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My first post to our Blog- My story

For those of you who have not heard, an amazing journey is about to begin!  In a few short months, hopefully through God’s amazing grace, I will become a surrogate mother for some dear friends of ours, Rudy & Kristen.  Kristen & I are co-authors of this blog and if you read one of the earlier posts, Kristen blogged about how we all met.  Basically, Randy, Rudy and Kristen have known each other for the past 20+ years.  I remember meeting Kristen for the first time when I went with Randy to his senior prom.  LOL!  (just thinking of my AWFUL updo!!!)  Kristen & I really started getting to know one another at playdates during the last 3 or 4 years.  She and Rudy are as sweet as can be! 
I have been called, summoned, lead, etc…for this is my mission in life.  One that is without a doubt the path that God has chosen for Randy and me.  It’s not very often in ones life that they are so absolutely positive and passionate about the plans that God has made. 
The Lord has been working in my heart for the last 4 years, preparing me for my surrogacy journey.  I remember vividly the morning He laid it on all my heart.  Brady was about 9 months old, sleeping just fine during the night. However, I was up at 4:30 in the morning with a strong urge to research and find out everything there was to know about Surrogacy. Why?   All I know is that now looking back, is that God’s hands were wrapped around my heart at that very moment!  He has been preparing my heart and Randy’s heart the last 3 ½ years for the opportunity to give the gift of life. 
I have to admit, Randy was not on board with this at first, but through prayer, understanding and guidance he is as enthusiastic as I am about the chance we may have to give Kristen and Rudy a little miracle.  Randy says that this whole journey will be worth it when we can lay that precious little baby in Kristen and Rudy’s arms. 
TOP 2 Questions people ask me
“I could never do that”- The number one comment friends and family say when I tell them about our news.  Well of course you can’t, its not what God has called you to do in life, but as for me, this is the path He has created for me at this time in my life. 
“How are going to be able to give the baby up?”- Peoples!  It’s not mine!  I am going to be what is called a gestational surrogate; meaning the egg and sperm are from the Intended Parents (Kristen & Rudy).  I am in no way genetically related to the baby.  The moment I look forward to the most is the moment when I get to hand the baby or babies over to Kristen and Rudy. 
I just want to say that I feel absolutely blessed to be able to become a surrogate for Kristen & Rudy.  Indeed this is a match made in Heaven!
In closing, I leave you with a quote by the famous Mark Twain…
“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.”
“So throw off the bowlines sail away from the safe harbor catch the trade wind in your sails...

explore, dream, discover.” -Mark Twain


Kristen said...

Amanda, you're so sweet.. I love that we'll be sharing a blog on our journey!! Absolutely love your quote by Mark Twain!

I'm glad you addressed the "How will you give the baby up" question, because that has always been the top question that I get as well! I'm thinking.. seriously?? Yes, it's not her baby, she CAN have her own children, so why would she want to get pregnant with my child and keep it? LOL

Love ya.. see you in the morning at the gym!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen and Amanda,
I am so excited to be reading this blog and about this amazing journey!! Kristen you and Rudy are awesome parents and I know that this truly a blessing from God!!! I am looking forward to reading these blogs and keeping up with the progress!! I can't wait to meet you Amanda you are an amazing angel sent from God for Kristen and Rudy. I will keep all of y'all in my prayers!!
Love ya, Audrey

Andrea said...

I always tell people "I am not giving up my baby, I AM GIVING BACK THEIR BABY"...I was just babysitting for 9 months. The baby was never mine to keep. Sadly, some still don't understand. And that is ok.

Mandi said...

I feel so blessed already to be able to follow this amazing story. Amanda, you are truly something special. Kristen, what an extraordinary woman you must be. The strength and JOY you both show is truly inspiring. I will be reading and praying along the way...I wish I could hug you both right now! Ya'll make me feel like there are still good people in this world and this story warms my heart!!

Rebekah @ Making Miracles said...

I cannot wait to follow along with you all on your journey and wish you a successful cycle and transfer! :) Gestational Surrogacy is an AMAZING thing to be a part of. So excited for you!

Babydreams2011 said...

Thanks for following and I am SO glad to be able to follow along on your journey! I look forward to reading lots more from you both!

Kristen said...

Mandy, Rebekah, Audrey & Tonya.. thank you all for your kind words!! We will definitely be updating throughout this journey & I'm so excited y'all want to follow along as we update.. Best of luck to all of you on your journeys as well! =)

Rosie Mason said...

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