Thursday, July 14, 2011

June 23, 2011 - First Appointment!

Our first appointment!!!!!! I was so excited about our first appointment, I could barely sleep the night before!

So the morning of our appt we all met at school & we kissed are little guys goodbye and off we went to our first appointment! When we arrived in DFW we decided to have lunch at the delicious Cheesecake Factory!

We had such a good time talking about the future & our journey together.. Next, we stopped in to visit Amanda's grandparents who live just 3 blocks away from our RE's office at the hospital. We were introduced to both her grandparents & her stepmom and they were all so sweet.. we enjoyed visiting with them and I look forward to seeing them again!

Next we headed over to the hospital. We sat in the waiting room for a while finishing paperwork & then waiting to go back.. here's a little snippet of us waiting in the waiting room..

...then moments later our RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) opened the door and welcomed us all back. It was so good seeing him.. he's such a warm-hearted, caring physician whom I have so much respect for. He asked about Brax & wanted to see current pictures. I thanked him as I have many times before for helping create our little miracle! He expressed that he was excited to help us with another miracle.. Rudy & I walked out of his office to the waiting room & we just couldn't stop smiling from the excitement! Randy & Amanda talked with Dr. Saleh.. she had her lab work, u/s & mock embryo transfer.. then the nurse went over Amanda's med. calendar with her while Dr. Saleh updated us in the waiting room & let us know that Amanda's u/s went great and he didn't foresee any problems for the transfer!

So after our appointment we drove back to town & we all had a nice dinner and cheered to the beginning of our amazing journey ahead! Later that evening Rudy & I sat in bed pinching ourselves with tears in our eyes.. is this really happening?? We still can't believe it.. how did we get so lucky??