Friday, July 15, 2011

Circus - date night with the boys!!

Wow, what an amazing night!! It started Chic-fil-a, Amanda & I met with the boys.. they were so excited to go to the circus! They played for a bit on the playground, then we headed over to the Circus!

We got there an hour early so we could sit in the Circus Ring during the pre-show. It was so neat how they involved the kids & let them dance, hula-hoop, jump rope, and see the animals up close..

After the pre-show Amanda surprised Braxton & Brady with light-up swords.. oh, they were in heaven!

We also got them snow cones in light-up elephant cups!

Once we were ready to sit, I led us down to the FRONT ROW so we could be up close & personal for the entire show.. I was so excited to surprise everyone with our seats!

At one point during the show the silly clown gave the boys high fives.. they loved that! It was one of the best nights and I really enjoyed our date night with our boys.. We'll definitely have to do that again sometime! Goodnight! =)


Randy and Amanda said...

Kristen- You totally out did yourself! I mean, come on, FRONT ROW SEATS!!! That was the best Mommy/Son date night ever!

Andrea said...

Stumbled across your blog and I am so anxious to follow along!! Best wishes to you all!

I am a first time gestational surrogate in the beginning stages of my journey.

Kristen said...

Amanda.. I know we had a blast, so glad y'all did too! It was one of those nights on the way home I was thinking, wow GREAT night I'll never forget!!
Andrea, welcome and I'm glad you'll be following along! We are SO excited! Amanda is a first time surrogate too.. she's starting her meds in September & transfer is in October.. =)