Thursday, April 5, 2012

26 week update - Ultrasound of the girls!!

Our ultrasound went great!! The girls are doing so well. We went to a specialist in Temple and Dr. Allen said the girls looked healthy as can be. The tech did a full and thorough check-up and then the Dr. came behind her and did all the measurements and checked out their anatomies as well. 

Oh, I have to share.. at one point the girls feet were side by side and they were kicking each other!! LOL.. playing footsies.. it was too cute! We saw Baby B suck her thumb & they were both really active squirming around doing stretches!

Baby A (Fallon) is 2.2 lbs and Baby B (Presley) is 2.5 lbs!

Our next appointment is in 2 weeks.. April 18th! :) Thank you for all your prayers..


Juli Holden said...

How exciting! You both look AMAZING! Looking forward to the next update!

Ellen said...

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