Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boom Boom Boom.. 2 little heartbeats beating strong! The twins are doing great!!

Monday, November 14 we heard the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.. our little sweet pea's hearts beating strong.. Listen to our little miracles..

This was a moment I will never forget. It was also our last visit to the Sher Institute/SIRM. Amanda has now been released to her own OB.. it was bittersweet.. I'll miss celebrating with the wonderful staff at Medical City Dallas, but looking forward to watching our little ones grow with a new medical team. Amanda's OB delivered her two beautiful kids and the u/s tech, Lauren, is a wonderful friend of ours (her son's also go to school with our boys).. So we are looking forward to our visit with her next Tuesday, November 22nd and our 7 wk ultrasound!

After our unbelievable ultrasound, we decided to head over to the mall and Amanda and I had fun shopping for maternity clothes! I had no idea Old Navy had maternity clothes! SO much fun!

Then we headed over just blocks away to Amanda's sweet grandparent's for a delicious dinner! They live in the most beautiful & elegant retirement community I've ever seen. At dinner the men are required to wear black coats.. don't our men look handsome??

Once again, I can't thank everyone enough for all of your support & prayers!! Please continue to pray that Amanda & the babies have an uneventful, healthy pregnancy!

Oh, and the due date is: July 7, 2012 but since it's twins, they said 2-4 weeks prior is more realistic. Amanda will schedule a c-section when it comes closer to time. 


Bridget said...

Congrats!!! Wishing you all a very easy and successful twin pregnancy!!

Chantelle said...

I love it!! They are too cute :)