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Birth day!! June 8, 2012 - twin girls Presley & Fallon

June 8, 2012 - Amanda was 35 weeks and 6 days pregnant -

So it all started (for me anyhow) at 2 am.. I was laying in bed and my cellphone rings.. I pick it up and "Amanda" is flashing on the screen.. By the time I realize I'm not dreaming the screen goes blank!! I panic for a split second.. I think to myself, hurry up and call her back, you are NOT dreaming, lol... So I call Amanda back and she says that around midnight she felt what she thought was her water breaking.. she let some time go by to see if that was what really happened (with her 2 kiddos her water never broke) by 2 am she woke up Randy and called us and said for us to get the show on the road & head to the hospital.. this is really happening!! I immediately woke up Rudy & Braxton and we began getting ready to leave.. about 10 minutes later Randy called and said they were in the car on their way to the hospital and that her contractions seemed to be only a minute or so apart and were strong! At that point, we knew "Today is the day!".. So we all made it to the hospital and they immediately took Amanda back & started prepping her for a c-section!! It all happened so fast.. We had about 30-45 minutes together in a room.. we were all holding Amanda's hand and telling her how amazing she is and just trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible!

Here are a few pictures of us:
 Rudy, Randy & Amanda (such a trooper - she did amazing!!)
 Contractions & heartbeats of the girls (139 & 148)
 Anxiously waiting mommy & daddy!!
 Randy updating friends & family!
The beds - wow, when we saw them label "Baby A" and "Baby B", reality really kicked in.. we knew we were just moments away from meeting our little miracles and that they'd be laying right here!
Before too long they rolled Amanda back and Rudy helped gown up Randy!

After Randy headed to be by Amanda's side... Rudy and I were so anxious!!
 I began to walk around anxiously and then I saw the girl's little pails with their first diapers & hats!!
Randy told us he'd message us pictures from the OR.. Next thing we knew, our first picture of our amazing surrogate Angel..

Rudy and I were in a room just around the corner from them.. Rudy had his head pressed up against the crack between the doors in our room.. and next thing I know he screams "I hear crying!! I hear one of the babies!!" I couldn't believe it.. I ran over to hear for myself and couldn't believe what I was hearing.. the first cries of our precious angels!!!

Then Randy sent us this video!!!

Wow, here I am bawling again.. I cry every time I watch that video.. Randy & Amanda are two of the most amazing people and hearing their excitement and quivering in their voices.. then hearing the girls' first cries.. just melts my heart..  God is wonderful!! Thank you!!!

Next thing we knew.. Randy walked in the room holding Fallon & a nurse holding Presley and we met our beautiful, healthy daughters for the first time!!!

 Presley Jayde - 5 lbs 11 oz, 19 inches long born at 4:33 am!
 And Fallon Celeste - 4 lbs 13 oz, 18 inches long 45 seconds before Presley, but still at 4:33 am!!
 tiny tiny feet with daddy's hand!

Then, moments later they rolled Amanda back in and she looked like this! She was feeling great and excited to see the babies again.. Praise God that both babies & Amanda were doing GREAT!! Neither of the babies needed any support, NICU, anything.. :) Does she look amazing or what???

 BIG smiles of excitement!!

So after about 10 or so minutes of getting to know our daughters and catching up with Amanda & Randy... Rudy & I went to the waiting room to update everyone and show the pictures to our family.. After 20 minutes or so we got a text that one of us could go back again.. So I did and just in time to catch their first baths!


I stayed about 10 minutes or so and then I went back to the waiting room while Randy went back in the room with Amanda.. Only about 10 minutes later we got a text that read "COME GET YOUR GIRLS!!" with this picture:

You didn't have to tell us twice.. Rudy & I made our way back to the room and walked with Amanda, Randy & the girls to our rooms!

Video of us on our way to our rooms! Amanda proudly holding the girls.. praise GOD!!


Here we are in our rooms holding the girls for the first time:

Friends & Family visited with the babies and we spent some time getting to know the girls.. then I fixed them up in bows & outfits and wheeled them over to Amanda & Randy's room:


To be continued....

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